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Tip for Self Defense for Women at Place of Work

Unfortunately, the potential of gunmen entering your workplace and shooting happens to be more of reality than in the previous times. No one will ever anticipate the worse to take place, but that is not an indication that you ought not to be prepared for it. It is necessary for women to be aware of the critical things they should do in the case gunmen enter in their place of work. As a woman, here are different guides that you should do once a gunman enter your place of work. In the case you want to read more that is not here, click different sites written by various author’s, and you are guaranteed to get more info.

First, you are advised to know the exists. The most excellent method that you can use to defend yourself is by getting out of the situation wholly. Make sure that you know all the exit points if your workplace is a large office. Regardless of where your office is, deliberate in locating the nearest exit. In the case you know that a gunman is already in the building and has not reached you yet, the right thing you need to do is make your way into the exit door. To make a call to 911, you need to do that after you have cleared off the building.

When it is impossible to get out of the building, then, you require to look for a better place and hide. You are recommended to not to make use of the karate that you learned in the past to fight the gunman as that is putting yourself in an unnecessary danger. However, you are advised not to hide in glass-doored conference rooms or toilet cubicles. The reason for this is that none of these is going to stop a bullet in the case a gunman choose to shoot you.

The best place to hid yourself are the rooms whose door open inwards while the walls are thick. You can choose to barricade the doors with desks or filling desks. Jumping out of the window is another tip that you can focus on if you are in an office located in the first or second floor. You are advised to click several sites for various authors to help you learn more on how to do this without necessarily harming yourself.

You ought to fight back if the discussed guides cannot work for the situation. You need not to just sit back and watch while you are being shot. Look for any weapon in the office and try to defend yourself. A good example of these is whereby you can choose to use staplers, scissors, or mugs.