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Factors to Consider When purchasing an Oil Country Tubular Goods

OCTG is an abbreviation of Oil Country Tubular Goods. The major use of these goods is to act as a form of protection to both the pipes and drillers used in the oil industry. For a company to acquire OCTG products of great quality, there are things that need to be considered carefully. These factors are discussed below.

Oil country tubular goods need to have the ability to stand the test of time against any form of corrosion that would occur. Corrosion arises due to the pressure and the high temperatures that are emitted from the drills. This means that for an OCTG to effectively protect the drillers and the pipes, then it must be resistant to corrosion as much as possible. This is now where the aspect of durability comes in. The material used in the construction of the products needs to be resistant enough to any form of corrosion.

There is need for flexibility. As time passes, oil drilling companies are embracing horizontal drilling hence the importance of having oil country tubular goods that are flexible enough to accommodate the processes in an effective way. Their flexibility is not supposed to make them weak since in the event of a breakage, many workers will be hurt. Despite being flexible, the goods are supposed be strong so as to handle the pressure. At no point are leaks supposed to be seen in any way. If that is seen, the it proves that the product is not suited for the industry. A leak also posses a danger to the people working in the company.

The joints where the different connections are made are supposed to be done by products of great quality. These joints are supposed to hold the pipes as tight as possible and for quite a long time. Constant loosening means that there will be more repairs hence increasing the costs of servicing the whole plant since many parts of the plants have joints.

The quality of the pipe is supposed to be considered. Poor quality products will force for constant repairs and replacements hence increasing the general cost of operation. The oil country tubular goods are supposed to be strong enough so as to serve buyers for a longer time. When a product satisfies the expectation of the buyer, it means that he will purchase it again. Quality products are able to retain the customers. Poor quality products on the other hand scare even the customers that had been loyal.

The cost of the goods is a great determinant to. For one to get the best product, he has to gather more knowledge about the different suppliers and see who offers the best quality at a good price. Information can be obtained from the reviews made by the different customers who had bought the product before. It is better for one to spend more on a product that is of great quality over preserving capital yet at the end you end up replacing the goods all the time due to their short time of durability.

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