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Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Cannabis Seeds

If you are interested in growing cannabis, the first thing you should know is how you can get the best seeds that will give the best yield and quality. Before you are carried away with the rush for money, you should know the best cannabis seeds to plant. As a beginner, you are likely to make mistakes if you do not get the right guidance but this article will simply the task of choosing the best cannabis seed.

Cheap cannabis seeds are perceived to be low quality but that is not usually the case and you have to evaluate to know the best one. If you have readily available cash, you might want to purchase the expensive seeds but that would be a huge gamble since you are growing it for the first time. There is some element of truth in each case but since you are trying cannabis farming for the first time and you do not know a lot of things, better go for moderately priced varieties. You will meet a lot of challenges which might lead to losses and it would be discouraging if you invested a significant amount of money in buying the seeds.

Make your mind on indica or sativa. It is a tough call when you are tasked to choose between sativa and indica and you must know your needs. Indica remains the best choice for people who are planting cannabis for the first time. It takes less time to grow and mature than sativa. It is quite disheartening to wait for a long time before your first harvest as a beginner. Moreover, indica is less susceptible to common diseases and pests. Furthermore, you will spend a relative small amount of money to take care of the plant.

Choose between feminized and non-feminized. As you sample different cannabis seed varieties, you will notice that some are labelled feminized while other are not. You might be tempted to pick the regular seeds due to their low rates but you should not something important before that. Note that feminized cannabis seeds are better than the regular ones even if you will have to pay more money for them. Since you want to have the least problems or none during growth period, feminized seeds will do the trick.

Consider buying autoflower seeds. This is the most recommendable strain if you are a beginner. It is feminized, low cost, disease tolerant and it is largely indica. The plant thrives in many regions despite the difference in weather conditions. Its drawback is that it is not high yielding such as the indica and sativa. Due to its low yield, it is best for domestic use such as personal consumption. Suppose you want commercial production of cannabis, opt for high yielding strains.

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