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Causes of Chafed Skin

Having chafed skin is one of those things we all try and avoid. That chafed part of your skin becomes irritated and itchy, and can even become infected if you do nothing about it. There are many causes of chafing skin, of which most of them revolve around some kind of friction on the affected area. Let us look at an explanation of some of those causes.
One common cause happens to be wet skin. A little bit of wetness, from sweating, for example, can cause the skin to chafe. You can stop that chafing by changing into dry clothes. Staying in wet clothes not only causes chafing of the skin, but it is unhygienic. A shower before that change is a good idea.
Having dry skin before exercising can cause it to chafe. As you exercise, your skin is bound to rub together. If there is no lubricant on the skin, expect the friction to lead to chafing.
You may also cause your skin to chafe if you wear clothes made of cotton. Cotton garments do not cause you such problems until you engage in excessive movement while wearing them. As you proceed with the intense physical activity, all the sweat you produce will be held in place by the material. Cotton does not dissipate moisture easily, thus keeping your skin unnecessarily wet.
It is also a problem to wear clothes that do not fit. It is important to ensure your workout clothes fit properly. Wearing tight-fitting clothes is a bad idea since they cut into your skin and also cause chafing. There will also be no airflow between the material and your skin. Loose fitting clothing is also a problem since there is excess material rubbing against your skin.
Clothes with tags and seams also cause plenty of friction. If those clothes happen to be those you wear to exercise, expect plenty of irritation. Choose ones with no tags, or tags facing away from your skin. The seams should also be tucked away comfortably.
Another cause is dehydration. As long as you are dehydrated, you will produce excessively salty sweat. That excess salt will irritate the skin and cause faster friction. Regularly hydrate, to reduce the harm from your sweat.
Anytime you feel your skin is chafing, you need to settle down and dry of that patch. Take a bath then change into dry clothes. Applying petroleum jelly on that area helps cool off the irritation. A good approach is to invest in an anti-chafing salve. You should also ensure that at all times, you keep your skin dry, take water to keep it hydrated, and avoid cotton or any other material that could irritate your skin.

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