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Effective Nature of Toll Free Vanity Numbers for your Business

It is standard practice for any business advertising its products and services out there to leave their contacts open, as a call to action for anyone who feels compelled by the signs and billboards they come across. It would be futile to advertise your business so well and not leave your contact information for interested parties to reach you.
There are so many billboards and other visual advertising features out there; it gets confusing, remembering each one you took an interest in. It gets even worse when you try to recall the contact information on all those billboards. Such memory issues are a problem for most businesses using billboards and similar media to advertise themselves. Imagine the loss in revenue if the billboards fail to deliver on their one task.
There is a solution to that dilemma, one whose simplicity of approach is its genius. It is the use of toll-free vanity phone numbers.
A toll number is one that a person can use to call the business at no cost on their part. The costs which they would have incurred had it been a standard call is transferred to the business. The beauty of this is customers will feel compelled to call in since they are not incurring any costs in the process. Had it been the other way round, not many people would bother to call. They will also be more open to longer conversations, giving you the chance to make conversions, unlike calls they pay for, where their worry of the bill would cut short such important conversations.
While toll-free numbers offer you the advantage of engaging your customers more and for longer, it does nothing to minimize the chances of customers remembering the numbers so they can make contact. Each business out there would use the same strategy, saturating the market with more confusing numbers. This is where vanity style numbers come in.
Vanity numbers are sold by the VoIP companies. These are special sets of toll-free numbers that help you distinguish your company and present unique digits for customers to use. Vanity numbers are usually sequences of digits that are easy to remember, such as a set of double 5s, or double 6s. You can also take it further and have the numbers presented as words on the keypad. An example is having the number 1 800 74992 presented to the public as 1 800 PIZZA for a pizza delivery service. When attached to your advertisement medium as your contact, prospective clients would have an easier time typing 1 800 PIZZA on their keypads before calling you, instead of giving them the proper format of 1 800 74992.
Those numbers can also be created to represent special offers and other promotional efforts to the customers. An example is when you are selling two items for the price of one. All you have to do is attach the number 1 800 555 BOGO instead of 1 800 555 2646 to your advertisement or notice.
You, therefore, have an effective way of getting more customers interested in what you have to sell, by making it easier for them to contact you.

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