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Using Escape Room Games for Team Building and Group Activities

Room escape games are not just meant for entertainment and fun. Various businesses use the room escape activities for team building purposes in breaking barriers of communication in the workplace. The main goal of team building is to encourage employees and preparing them to solve business issues effectively and collectively. Below are some of how escape room games, besides being right avenues of fun and adventure, educate people as well.

The rooms in the games have many clues and the people playing are supposed to solve the riddles or puzzles as a way of finding the key to the door that is locked and escape from it with the team members. For one to effectively escape these rooms and save themselves, they must do the following.


Communication is a critical element in getting the hidden clues fast. The participants are supposed to work in groups comprising of two to three individuals in finding the hidden clues inside the rooms. The team must keep being informed all the time for them to use this info and all hidden clues in unlocking the important hidden key secret. Therefore, these escapee room games will foster effective communication between the participants and will encourage them to work communally to win the game by escaping the room these activities also teach people the value of cooperating without the team will fail.

Thinking Outside the Box

Team building activities and games need one to think critically since in most cases the games are new, and most of the employees will not have participated in them. This is the right opportunity for unleashing thought potential and looking for all clues that will assist in solving riddles and puzzles. There is a totally new set in escape room games. Taking some time out of the office work routine, the activities will put people in a situation where they will have to use the info they have, seek ideas and suggestions from other members playing the game for the ultimate good.

Taking The Lead or Following

These escape games provide a single and leveled playing field whereby the managers are players like the other employees in the company. This form of team building activity will unleash the leadership potential of individuals, and one ordinary employee can be needed to lead in specific instates to steer the whole team from the room.

During these games, therefore could reach a point when playing whereby there will be one leader and more. In such cases, the participants, in this case, team players, will have to consult with each other and decide who will lead them without causing any conflicts. Therefore, escape room games and activities will teach the workers ways of working together without having issues regarding leadership matters.

Many room escape games are focused on increasing cooperation among employees and building team spirit whereby individuals are not limited to the duties of their personal performance. If these activities are used in the right way, they will aid in building the team that works together like a cohesive force in solving most of the business issues in a very rational way.

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