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Things You Need to Know About Post Construction Cleaning

Every the contractor hopes that he or she hands over the keys to a project when the project in question is at its best. However, a project may not be considered as complete until good post construction cleaning has been done. Post construction cleaning tends to involve the general cleaning of cleaning debris, sweeping the floor as well as cleaning off any other visible dirt. Post construction cleaning also tend to involve cleaning of the walls, as well as the ceiling. Post construction cleaning may also involve power washing as well as cleaning of windows and frames. The cleaning may also include dusting, cleaning the ceiling, fans, heaters, lights, floor, and vacuum cleaning. The cleaning also tend to involve removal of stickers and other smudges on the cabinets and doors. Post construction cleaning also tend to reveal leakages and loose wires in the project. You may need to read on to know of the three phases of post-construction cleaning.

The the first phase of post-construction cleaning may be referred to as the rough clean phase. The rough clean comes after installation of electric works, framing, and plumbing. At this phase, all the large items are removed which include trash, debris, leftover materials. It is after removal of all debris that sweeping is done. This step may also involve removal of stickers from windows, doors, and cabinets.

Light cleaning tends to be the second and the most intense type of cleaning. This phase tends to include a lot of work, equipment, and tools. It is during this phase that one may focus on washrooms and kitchens. This the phase of post-construction cleaning also tend to see the sinks, toilets, cabinets and windows thoroughly cleaned. It is always essential to make sure that you involve a good post construction cleaning services for you to get the best results. This phase tends to be detailed and tends to be intensive as it tends to involve cleaning places such as air ducts. This phase tends to be very close to moving-in of client type of cleaning. This type of cleaning does not focus on visible cleanliness as the only aspect, it tends to address even the invisible areas of the property.

The third phase tends to be the final phase and tends to be referred to as touch up cleaning. This phase tends to take a shorter time and may only focus on cleaning smudges and fingerprints from earlier cleaning. Bearing in mind that post-construction cleaning tends to demand a lot of time and a detail-oriented kind of professionals, it is always essential to make sure that you take your time to hire the best cleaners. There are hidden sections of the building people tend to have no idea that they need cleaning. It is due to the tiring nature of cleaning that makes most people not to do proper post-construction cleaning and hence the need to call the professionals.

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