Tips to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you don’t want to handle your relocation project or commercial lease renewal yourself, you can go to a commercial real estate agent. All you have to do is choose the right professional for your needs. Given below are 6 things you may want to consider during your evaluation. Read on. Likability A relocation or […]

Can I Get a Commercial Mortgage Without a Deposit?

The mortgages typically require the borrowers to make large deposits. The industry standard for their deposits is 20 to 40 percent of the property value. Why? Because they are considered to be risky by banks and lenders. They increase the size of the deposit to reduce that risk. As surprising as it may be, a […]

Owning Rental Properties: Positives And Negatives

Many people look at those, who own and/ or, operate investment/ rental property, and ask themselves, wouldn’t it be great, to do so, themselves? While, some individuals, and properties, make a great degree of sense, others, fail to do so! Like most things in life, there are both positives and negatives, of investment property ownership, […]

How to Market Your Commercial Real Estate Loan Business

All too often I see small business owners missing the mark with their marketing. Sure, it’s easy to do when you specialize in a specific industry niche and you spend your time engulfed in industry sector jargon. However, it’s best to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and think your marketing through from their […]

The Risk/ Reward Of Buying Investment Real Estate

Like, nearly, everything else, in life, purchasing, and owning, investment real estate, should be considered, on a risk/ reward basis/ scale! While, many have earned their fortunes, or supplemented their incomes, buying these types of properties, doing so, is not true, for all! There are many possibilities, both, positive, and negative, and a wise buyer/ […]